September 2016 Workshops




Natural Hair Care

Products to naturally take care of your hair and scalp!

Henna Products

Henna powders, paste, natural hair dye, aftercare, books, supplies, and DIY kits.

Mehndi Cones

Henna cones for all types of artists--beginners, interemediate, or professional artists.


Supplies for beginners and professionals to help with henna body art and natural hair dye.

Essential Oils

Steam distilled essential oils for henna body art and aromatherapy.

Kits and Gifts

DIY kits for personal use, classroom or retail use.  Gifts for the beginner and henna lover in mind!

For Men

Products to help men dye and maintain their hair.


Design books and informational books


Hipster and Bohemian

Hipster and Boho inspired crafts, gifts, kits and items.

Free Stuff

Resources, free products or services and other henna inspired things for FREE! 


Henna body art services for every budget.

Deposits and Events

Pay your deposit to book an appointment.


Workshops and Courses to learn how to henna.


Henna products and supplies at wholesale prices.  Ideal for retail stores, artists, or individuals in love with henna!

Henna Boutique

Hand package and hand crafted items available in our little boutique at our Edmonton Studio.


  All of our products are for external use only.  Please use caution when using.


Henna Art