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Henna Products

Henna powders, paste, natural hair dye, aftercare, books, supplies, and DIY kits.

Natural Hair Care

Products to naturally take care of your hair and scalp!


 Wild crafted jagua products for body art

Mehndi Cones

Henna cones for all types of artists--beginners, interemediate, or professional artists.


Supplies for beginners and professionals to help with henna body art and natural hair dye.

Essential Oils

Steam distilled essential oils for henna body art and aromatherapy.

Kits and Gifts

DIY kits for personal use, classroom or retail use.  Gifts for the beginner and henna lover in mind!


Design books and informational books


Free Stuff

Resources, free products or services and other henna inspired things for FREE! 


Henna body art services for every budget.


Henna products and supplies at wholesale prices.  Ideal for retail stores, artists, or individuals in love with henna!


Last chance items.  Get them before they are gone. 


Henna Art, located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, is a professional company devoted to providing you a truly unique and creative experience! We take pride in our artists and the ancient art of henna, also known as mehndi. We only use the best quality fresh ingredients to give you the best stain.  Our henna powders and natural hair care products are imported directly from India, Pakistan and Morocco.  Using our fresh ingredients, we always create safe and natural henna paste, and offer natural henna products for all of our clients.  We provide superior services to our clients and promise an amazing henna experience!  Whether you are having a party, or want to learn henna--from consultations to bridal henna applications, we promise you a true henna experience!

Henna is also known as the art of mehndi or mehndhi. We are passionate about the art of henna and practice unique styles that display elegance and sheer beauty. Our innovative style blends tradition and modernity. We provide you with our modern and fun glitter and stone accents, which are popular at parties and look gorgeous with bridal henna.  Using only the best quality, and fresh henna powders from India, Pakistan and Morocco, we create our henna paste using our special blend of quality essential oils.  Since we love what we do, we always put positive energy and love with our services and products. 

Our professional approach to the art of henna/mehndi makes us an excellent choice for your events! Currently serving the Edmonton area, our artists are accomplished in traditional methods, as well as modern application techniques, and glitter and stone accents.

In addition to our wide range of services, we express the tradition and splendor of henna in individually crafted pieces, do-it-yourself kits, and application products, perfect for anyone!  Packed with positive energy and attention to detail, all of our products are guaranteed fresh!  We only use natural ingredients, so you can be sure to have a safe and fun henna experience!

Our vision is to provide you with superior services and an EXCEPTIONAL experience!  The ancient art of henna is a natural and safe alternative to temporary tattoos, natural hair care, healthy hair, and modern body art.  While the origins of henna body art are unknown, it is practiced in India, Pakistan, Morocco, and other areas of Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.  The art of henna passes all borders and is a celebrated form of art that thrives today!

Enjoy your true henna experience at a private party, corporate events, classes, bridal henna, workshops or sessions in the Edmonton, and surrounding area. Or shop our exclusive line of products, prepared in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and shipped WORLDWIDE!


Henna Art


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