Henna Advanced Course

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Currently not scheduled.  Organize your own Learn to Henna workshop with a minimum of 7 students and get a $25.00 discount per person.

Henna Advanced Course

This 4 hour intensive course will go in depth with henna body art application. 

This course is for those individuals with prior henna experience or those who have already taken the Basic Henna Course. 



Review of henna safety, paste, and applicators

  • Uses of henna
  • Geographies of henna
  • Arabic, Indian and African henna styles
  • Dangers of black henna
  • Safe henna practices
  • Pregnancy and henna
  • Henna hygiene
  • Henna preparation

Henna Design Theory

  • Review of key elements
  • Bands, breaks, fillers
  • Practicing techniques
  • Design balance
  • Structuring designs for complex designs


How to apply bridal henna efficiently

Price includes all materials and supplies. Glitter accent cones will be available for purchase after class. 


Henna Art


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