Henna Cone Gift Set

Stain 48 hours after paste removed
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A set of 4 of our handmade Jamila cones in a beautifully packaged 4 cone gift set. 

Approximately 25 gram henna cones made with essential oils, Jamila henna powder, lemon juice and sugar.  Each henna cone will yield approximately 12-15 small designs.

JAMILA HENNA PASTE-lawsonia inermis (henna) powder, citrus limonum (lemon) juice, melaleuca cajeputi (cajeput) oil, melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) oil, melaleuca viridiflora (naiouli) oil, and sucrose (sugar). 

More details on the JAMILA HENNA CONE.  


Please note:  The actual mylar cone may vary in color and design.








Henna Art


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