Henna Drills Volume 2

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An addition to any artist wanting to perfect their style.  This eBook contains over 80 exercises to help you start perfecting your vines, leaves, sprouts and variations by creating muscle memory, henna flow and focusing on pressure techniques.   These exercises will have you piping out perfect vines and motifs in combination with dots, lines, swirls, leaves, paisleys and flowers.


The eBook contains:

  • 9 pages of vine exercises
  • 14 designs and motifs to practice using pressure techniques
  • eBook format allows you to print the pages as many times as you want

This eBook is intended:

  • to help create muscle memory
  • help you focus on perfecting vines
  • help you create vine variations with lines, swirls, curls and dots
  • help you draw vines and leaves on a straight line, curve or with another motif
  • help you practice pressure techniques to control your cone

More Details: 

Starting to get into henna and just want some things to practice?  Doing drills are the perfect way to get perfect your henna application skills.  Drills Volume 2 focuses on vines and vine variations.  This eBook will make you focus on your pressure techniques so you can draw out perfect leaves, sprouts, buds, and swirly vine variations.  Drills help create muscle memory while helping you perfect the basic shapes and motifs of henna body art.  The collection of over 80 drills and an additional 14 shapes and motifs to practice are included in a downloadable PDF of 12 pages.  You can print the pages off to practice your drills, or lay a clear sheet of plastic or glass over the drills to practice.  This is a must have ebook for the beginner artist or the internediate artist wanting to perfect pressure techniques!  

Be sure to download our Drills Volume 1 eBook before jumping into this one!  Volume 1 will will start with the basics of dots, lines, scallops, and go into doing swirls, leaves, buds, paisleys and flowers.



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