Learn How to Henna

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Learn how to henna 5 hour workshop.  Includes supplies, materials, course workbook, and henna! 

Held at our Edmonton Studio:  12048 Fort Road.


Basic Henna Prep & Design


This total 5 hour group course is for those interested in learning how to apply henna freehand. The course teaches the key elements of a style of henna and the methodical understanding of developing complex henna designs. Basic preparation and design will teach you the essentials to make and apply henna in Arabic, modern Indian, and African styles. 





Introduction to henna

  • Origins of henna
  • Henna traditions
  • Uses of henna
  • Geographies of henna
  • Arabic, Indian and African henna styles

Henna safety

  • Dangers of black henna
  • Safe henna practices
  • Pregnancy and henna
  • Henna hygiene

Henna Prep

  • essential oils
  • henna how to
  • applicators
  • henna paste

Henna Design

  • Key elements of henna designs
  • Practice of key elements
  • Variations of key elements
  • basic shapes in henna designs
  • Variations of elements and shapes for complex designs
  • Structuring designs for complex designs


How to apply henna efficiently

Price includes all materials and supplies.


Henna Art

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