Mehndi Raat

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Mehndi Raat means the night of henna.  This night of henna is often done two to three days before a wedding takes place, as a celebration and good omen. 

Mehndi Raat contains 39 different designs for the hands.  Each design is uniquely created, incorporating traditional henna elements of paisleys, mandalas, peacocks, flowers and leaves. 

Each page has three different designs for your clients to choose from. 

Suggested pricing for each design is $7.00 and up. 

Our e-book format allows you to print the designs over and over again so you don't have to worry about missing pages from big parties.  Better yet, print off a couple of copies of each page so that your clients have time to look at each design thoroughly while you use another set of copies to apply the design.  Keeping a master copy by your side will help you stay organized.  Number each design and have your clients tell you which number they want.  The possibilities are endless!



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