Mylar Cones

mylar cones made out of metallic mylar
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10 Pre-rolled metallic mylar cones with 12 ounce carrot bag for medium sized henna cones.  (approximately 25 grams each)


Each cone is hand rolled by hand, and taped, so it is ready to use!  You don't have to fuss with mylar paper and tape.  Just squeeze your henna paste into these pre-rolled cones, tape or use rubber bands to close the tops, and squeeze away! The durable metallic mylar paper makes a sturdy cone.  The metallic mylar helps form a fine tip in the cone.  Because of the metallic mylar, the cone tip does not get as weak as other plastics.  The cone tip holds it's shape even after many applications of intricate designs.  This is the perfect cone for bridal henna applications.


Each cone measures approximately 6-7 inches long.  Great for medium sized cones, or just cut off the top for smaller cones. 


Your order comes with an 12 ounce carrot bag for easy mylar cone filling.  If you find that the mylar cones do not have a small opening at the bottom, cut the tip of the cone slightly.  This will help you fill the henna paste and push it down to the tip of the mylar cone. 


Color of metallic mylar may vary.








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