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Nitasha is the founder of Henna Art. To provide exceptional services and superior henna products is Nitasha's vision, as well as the mission of Henna Art.   Along with being an organizer of events, she is also the bridal henna artist with the company.  

She is a self taught henna artist, practicing since the age of eight. She started with imitating what she saw and eventually practiced on paper. Throughout her teenage years, she developed a better understanding of henna as an art. Often doodling in class, her enthusiasm and practice led her to understand the methodical application of henna. Years of artistic expression made it clear that her life would be centered around her passion for henna. She specializes in contemporary Indian and Arabic style henna, with practice in African, Gulf and Celtic styles as well. 

Nitasha's years of practice and research led her to develop an appreciation for the art of henna. She conducted extensive research and developed informative publications and work books for henna art, along with a natural product line for the company.

While Nitasha received no formal training in henna, she would often sit with paper and pen to draw what came to her mind. She is a professional artist and entrepreneur. Her motto in life is the root of her business:  "I only do what I love, and always love what I do!"  


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Henna Art


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