Wholesale Henna Cones

MSRP: $10.00
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Minimum Quantity: 25

 Retail ready signature henna cones, each approximately 25 grams, with label, ingredient card and instructions.  Suggested retail price:  $10.00 each.

Please only order these cones if you are a business and would like to sell henna cones.  Cones must be stored in the FREEZER when not in use.   

 Made fresh for optimum staining quality.  The customer just cuts the tip and squeezes the cone.  Made with ORGANIC henna powder, and our signature blend of essential oils. 

This is a must have for festival season, Christmas, Eid, Hindu holidays and other events.

Each 25 gram cone yeilds approximately 10-12 small size designs.   

You don't need to fuss around with henna powders, essential oils, and liquids, and make a mess to make your own henna paste. Totally natural henna paste made with our pure and fresh Raj henna powder + 100% pure essential oils.  

You can use these right away, or follow the directions provided with your order and store the henna cones in the freezer for up to six months! Just thaw at room temperature for an hour, and you are ready to use high quality henna paste! Cut the tip of the cone small for fine applications, or bigger for use with stencils. You can also transfer the henna paste from the mylar cone into a squeeze bottle. 

  Please note:  The actual mylar cone may vary in color and design.


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