Acrylic Foot Template

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Acrylic foot template


When you have run out of skin to practice on, but have a design you have been dreaming about, use an acrylic hand or foot template! 

Templates are made with durable plexiglass material and laser cut to a lifesize foot size.  This will allow the artist to practice designs and patterns without the need to work on actual skin or alternative medians.  The reusable template can be washed with soap and water for a fresh new template.  You can also use a credit card to scrape away the dried henna design and start working on a new one. 

Templates WILL NOT stain when used with natural henna paste.  Templates are a fantastic way to practice, perfect techniques, apply designs, and are the perfect companion for all henna artists.  This template is an excellent training tool for beginner artists, and professionals alike.  It's smooth, doubl sided, finish allows you to wipe your slate clean, again and again.  


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