Body Art Sampler

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If you want to experiement with our essential oils and work with the best organic henna powder and Jamila henna powder to see what works best for you, this is the best option!

Each sampler kit contains:

Each sampler kit is hand packed at our studio in Edmonton.  Each kit contains the ingredients listed above.  This kit is ideal for an artist trying to find the powder that is best for them.  Our organic henna powder is stringy and elasticy, whereas the Jamila powder is silky and creamy.  50 grams of henna is enough henna to make a small batch for body art, or to mix the powders around for the right consistency to your liking. 

Our Henna Special Blend of essential oils contains tea tree, cajeput and naiouli essential oils.  All of these oils are high in mono-terpene levels, making them the ideal choice for use with henna body art.  A 10 mL bottle of Lavender essential oil is also included in this kit. Lavender essential oil also has the high levels of mono-terpenes to give a beautiful dye on the skin, making it safe for use during pregnancy or with children. 

Your order includes instructions on mixing the henna powders for body art. 


We recommend that you order some supplies, like carrot bags, mylar or cello cones, or bottles and tips to work with this kit. 




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