Flash Tattoo Grab Bag

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A grab bag of 25 unique and individual designs of flash tattoos.  Flash tattoos are applied with water and are temporary.  

Tattoos come in gold, silver, white and black.  This product is a collection of 25 individual designs. 

Each grab bag features:

  • temporary tattoos in various colors
  • henna inspired designs
  • small to large size designs
  • tattoos in gold, silver, white, or black
  • popular motifs like feathers, mandalas, anchors, tribal bands


Each grab bag contains 25 individual designs of temporary tattoos.  We have carefully packed each bag to coordinate designs.  Designs come in various colors, sizes and styles.  You will love the white and black henna inspired tattoos included in each grab bag. 

Flash tattoos all come with a clear plastic cover.  Remove the plastic sheet, and apply the tattoo face down on the skin.  Then, take a wet paper towel or sponge and apply it to the tattoo paper.  Hold the wet paper towel for 20 seconds.  Peel away the tattoo paper to reveal the design.  Tattoo designs last 2-5 days.  They can easily be removed with rubbing alcohol.

Grab bags are ideal for festivals, parties, weddings, children's birthdays, crafts and so much more!




Henna Art