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Lavender & Orange
Geranium & Cardamom
Frankincense & Patchouli
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 1/2 ounce tin of our hand-made, all natural henna aftercare balms. 

These balms are made with all natural, moisture rich ingredients to help keep your design long.  The candelila wax protects against water damage while rich oils help moisturize the skin.   

Hand-made with natural ingredients in Canada, and fragranced with pure essential oils.  These make great gifts at henna events, and should be in every henna lovers collection.  Our balms are made in small batches every couple of months to help give you a balm with the longest shelf life. 

Each balm is hand made in small batches.  Once we add the essential oils for fragrance (or no essential oils for the unscented balm), we slowly pour the balm mixture into our tins.  Each tin is a recycleable aluminum cannister, with soft threaded lines for a tight fit.  

These balms should be used within 18 months of receiving.  Please store in a cool, dark place.  Please note:  we used to sell these balms in small organza bags.  We no longer provide these bags as a means to be more eco-friendly.  

Our Handmade Balm Fragrances

Unscented:  You cannot go wrong with a simple and fragrance free balm.  This is a great option for those with sensitive skin, pregnant women or for children.  

Lavender and Sweet Orange:  A little floral and a little citrus flirt together to create this beautiful fragrance.  Lavender is calming while sweet orange evokes feelings of happiness.  To be in a state of bliss is to use this balm.  This fragrance is our best seller, so it sells out often!

Geranium and Cardamom:  If you have ever been to an Indian wedding, then this is an Indian wedding in a tin.  Geranium smells lusciously floral while still being grounded in a deep, earthy aroma.  Cardamom's aroma is that of spicy chai tea.  When the two come together, it's a match made in heaven.  This balm is highly recommended for brides and wedding guests. 

Frankincense and Patchouli:  A blend of balsamic frankincense and earthy patchouli, this fragrance is the reminder of one's centre.  This blend of essential oils provokes feelings of meditation and relaxation.  This meditative blend is a must have for the hippie, yogi, mommy, or crazy dude.  

Sandalwood and Rose:  A deeply soothing blend of sandalwood and rose is the perfect pairing to lift the mood, and banish any fatigue.  This comforting blend of essential oils is expertly blended into our aftercare balm to calm, ground and soothe without being overpowering. 



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