Jamila Henna Powder 2017

2016 crop, super sift
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100 grams super sifted henna powder from Pakistan.  Triple sifted powder that is Body art quality (BAQ) 2017 crop. Lawsone content about 2.69% 

  • 100 grams
  • Body art quality
  • Certified organic
  • 2017 crop
  • super sifted for smooth applications
  • 2.7% lawsone content (approximate)
  • Foil and cardboard box packaging
  • Expires December 2020


Jamila henna powder is our super sifted powder from Pakistan.  The henna crop is from the 2017 harvest (2018 harvest will be available in July).  Jamila henna is finely sifted for smooth applications for body art or natural hair dye.  Your order includes instructions on use for natural hair dye and for body art.  

Each packet is packed in a foil bag, then packed in a cardboard box.  This prevents excess light and air to the powder.  You should store the henna powder in a cool, dark place, like a closet or medicine cabinet.  Contrary to modern belief, DRY henna powder should not be stored in the fridge or freezer, as it increases exposure to moisture and the chance of freezer burns. 

Jamila henna powder is recommended for multiple uses.  We recommend this powder for all types of users, from beginners to professionals. 

Body Art:  Super sifted powder makes Jamila henna powder the perfect choice for body art applications.  We recommend that you gently sift the powder before mixing in order to break up clumps of henna due to air tight seal.  Jamila henna is super finely sifted, so any bumps in your paste are due to the vacuumed sealing and not because of any debris or quality of the powder.  Mix the powder with water, lemon juice, or tea.  Add essential oils of your choice and fill into an applicator of your choice.  Full instructions, recipes and details can be found here:  http://www.hennaart.ca/Henna-Recipes.html

Jamila henna powder is from Pakistan.  The natural quality of this powder is slightly stringy but smooth and silky.  When mixed for body art, the paste has a little bit of elasticity (slimy) and flexibility, but is mostly creamy in application.  This is the powder of choice by many professional artists.  We recommend using this henna powder for all levels of expertise.  We use the Jamila henna powder in our Jamila Cones, as well as in our HART Henna Powder


  • 100 grams of henna powder will give you: 
  • 10-12 henna cones each approximately 25-30 grams OR
  • 8 ounces of henna paste OR
  • enough henna to do OVER 100 small designs OR
  • enough henna to do 2 full bridal henna applications



Jamila henna powder comes from the Punjab region of Pakistan, which lies in the eastern part of the country.  Jamila henna is mostly grown in the Mailsi area.  Mailsi see about 5 inches of average annual rainfall, with mild winters and hot summers.  Jamila henna is harvested at the end of the dry and hot spring season, around May.  Aside from farming henna, the region’s primary economic activity is includes farming cotton, wheat, sugarcane, and rice.  Once the henna leaves are harvested, they are set out to dry in the sun.  Workers remove dust and straw from the leaves before they head to industrial grinders.  Bags of dried henna leaves are taken to grinding machines and kept in a temperature controlled environment for best results.  The veins of the leaves are removed by sifting machines sifting machines, and the henna powder is cleaned from its impurities. This process is repeated until a silk smooth powder is obtained which is hygienic and safe to be used on human hair and skin. The powder quality is re-checked and finally approved for Jamila Henna, then it is packaged and shifted to the warehouse.  Jamila henna arrives to us in Canada by mid to late June.   


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