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Mandala designs stickers that you can color and stick almost anywhere.  3 inch circles.  4 designs per set.

Our mandala designed stickers are the must have addition to anyone’s coloring book collection.  These zen inspired mandala stickers are printed in black and white so you can stick them anywhere, or color them first.  Coloring book inspired mandala stickers are a great way to unwind and relax as you color your way to calmness, balance, and centre your focus.  Mandala stickers come in a set of four different designs.  Each design was created by our artists, inspired by nature and geometry, and created with henna in mind.  Printed on high quality matte paper, you can color each sticker in or leave them blank… either way, you are making a balanced but bold statement!

  • 3 inch circle stickers
  • Paper material
  • Can color with market, pens, crayons or colored pencils
  • High quality, durable paper
  • Stick on planners, books, binders, laptops, skateboards, paper, and other creative surfaces
  • Each sticker is individually printed on a square sheet
  • Sticker set comes packaged in a kraft bag with a small sticker seal

The process

Mandala stickers were a fun project for our team!  Each sticker started off with a henna inspired mandala design.  The designs were carefully drawn, scanned, and digitally edited to give you a perfectly balanced design.  Because each mandala was hand drawn originally, you will see slight variations in the shapes and may notice some imperfections in the design.  This is a special characteristic of individually drawn art. 

Each mandala design was inspired by traditional henna patterns, geometry, floral elements and leaves, just to name a few.  The stickers are the perfect complement to any planner or journal.  The stickers are printed on high quality matte white paper so you can color them with almost anything and stick them anywhere.  Color them in or leave them plain… either way, these mandala stickers are a great way to make a statement. 

We recommend that you keep these stickers for yourself so you can untangle your mind and create zen as you color each sticker in individually.  Then, you can gift the stickers to your friends, family, or co-workers for them to get some handmade zen energy from you.  If you decide to gift these stickers to a friend, the package comes ready for gifting.  Each sticker pack is hand packaged individually in a cute kraft paper bag.  The bag is then sealed with a miniature version of a mandala sticker. 



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