Tazarine Henna Powder

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100 grams henna powder from Morocco.  Finely sifted for natural hair dye applications.  Body Art Quality (BAQ) 2013 crop.  Lawsone content unknown.

  • 100 grams
  • Body art quality
  • 2013 crop from Morocco
  • Finely sifted for smooth applications
  • Expires December 2017


Our Sahara Tazarine Henna Powder is from Morocco.  The henna crop is from the 2013 harvest Tazarine henna is finely sifted for smooth applications for natural hair dye, and can be used for body art.  Your order includes instructions on use for natural hair dye and for body art. 

Each box contains a bag of henna powder with the company label.  The bag is packed in a box, which prevents the henna from being exposed to too much light.  You should store the henna powder in a cool, dark place, like a closet or medicine cabinet.  Contrary to modern belief, DRY henna powder should not be stored in the fridge or freezer, as it increases exposure to moisture and the chance of freezer burns. 

Tazarine henna powder is recommended for multiple uses.  We recommend this powder for all types of users, from beginners to professionals. 

Natural Hair Dye:  Tazarine henna powder that is body art quality makes it the perfect choice for using this powder for natural hair dye.  Body Art Quality (BAQ) means the powder is finely sifted, without twigs, sticks, or leaves.  You can use this powder by itself or mix it with other herbs and ingredients to Naturally Dye your Hair.  Tazarine henna powder will help you achieve tones of reds, auburns, and even jet black when mixed with the right ingredients.  Mix the powder with warm water, lemon juice, or tea and allow it to rest for dye release.  Then, apply the paste to your hair for a safe, natural and organic alternative to chemical hair dyes.  More information on natural hair dye can be found here: 

Full instructions, recipes and details can be found here:  http://www.hennaart.ca/Henna-Recipes.html


50 grams for touch ups or root applications
100 g for short hair
200 g for collar length straight hair
300 g for shoulder length straight hair
500 g for waist length hair

Body Art:  Finely sifted powder makes Tazaine henna an affordable choice for body art applications.  The powder is finely sifted, meaning there will be no debris, sticks, twigs or leaves in the powder.  However, due to the coarse nature of the Moroccan henna, this henna appears to be more grainy than our other henna powders for body art. 

Mix the powder with water, lemon juice, or tea.  Add essential oils of your choice and fill into an applicator of your choice.  Full instructions, recipes and details can be found here:  http://www.hennaart.ca/Henna-Recipes.html

Tazarine henna powder is from Morocco.  The natural quality of this powder is coarse and grainy.  When mixed for body art, the paste is smooth, but not as silky as our other henna powders for body art.  This is a great powder to use if you plan to do henna body art applications which require you to fill in large areas, or plan to use the henna with stencils or henna style stickers.  We use our organic henna powder in our Henna for Hair Paste.  NOT recommended for use with bottle and tip applicators. 


  • 100 grams of henna powder will give you: 
  • 10-12 henna cones each approximately 25-30 grams OR
  • 8 ounces of henna paste OR
  • enough henna to do OVER 100 small designs OR
  • enough henna to do 2 full bridal henna applications


Tazarine Sahara henna powder comes from Morocco.  Please note, this item is a liquidation item.  Once we are out of stock on this product, we will NOT have it in stock again. 

Tazarine henna tends to be a little more thirsty than our other powders, so slightly more liquid may be required to achieve the perfect consistency of the henna paste.  Dye release with this powder is also faster, 1 hour when mixed with water, and 6 hours when mixed with lemon juice (at room temperature 23 C/ 72 F)



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