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Organic Indigo Powder

100 grams Certified Organic Indigo powder for hair.  Indigofera tinctoria is an organic powder derived from the indigo plant, to help achieve dark tones in natural hair dying.  2017 harvest from India.

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Henna Cones

ONE Handmade henna cone using our signature recipe.  25 grams.  Made with organic henna powder, our special blend of essential oils and lemon juice. 

Organic Henna Powder 2017

100 grams Certified Organic Henna Powder from India.  Triple sifted powder that is Body Art Quality (BAQ).  2017 crop.  Lawsone content approximately 2.9% 

Wholesale Organic Hair Dye Powders

Wholesale lot of natural hair dye powders.  Select any assortment of organic herbal hair dye powders (amla, cassia, henna and indigo).  

Practice Henna Cones

Each 25 gram pre-mixed henna cone is ready for you to use when practicing henna body art.  With low dye content, these practice cones are perfect to practice the art of henna.

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Jamila Henna Cones

ONE Handmade henna cone using our signature blend of essential oils and fresh Jamila henna powder. 25 grams each. Perfect choice for beginners!

Lavender Henna Cone

ONE Handmade henna cone with lavender essential oil.  25 grams each. Handmade with organic henna powder, lavender essential oil and lemon juice. 

Mylar Cones

10 Pre-rolled empty metallic mylar cones with carrot bag for henna body art application.

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Standard Wedding Designs

A FREE ebook with 12 simple designs to do at large wedding parties.

Ancient Art

An introductory ebook on the ancient art of henna with over 40 designs for inspiration and body templates!



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